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The Division of Biological Anthropology is a thriving, highly-interdisciplinary institution, which has grown significantly in recent years, both in number of senior researchers and the size of its undergraduate and graduate community.

Biological Anthropology has been taught at Cambridge for over 30 years and has trained professional who are now working in the field throughout the world. Biological Anthropology at Cambridge is one of the only programmes of its kind in the United Kingdom.

Research in the Division covers a wide range of areas, from primate behaviour, to primate and human evolutionary genetics, human population biology and ecology, Palaeolithic archaeology and evolutionary anthropology.


All senior members of the Division contribute to undergraduate and graduate teaching, and are involved in national and international research projects.

As part of the Department of Archaeology & Anthropology, the Division enjoys the wonders of the Haddon Library, one of the world’s most comprehensive teaching and research libraries in both archaeology and anthropology. As part of the Faculty of Human, Social and Political Sciences undergraduate students also have access to the Social and Political Sciences Library.

The Henry Wellcome Building also houses the Duckworth Collection, a major international resource for the study of past and present human and primate morphology.




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