Mitochondrial DNA Concordance
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2 January 2006:
Please note that this Concordance is now out of date.
No new sequences are being added to it.

It is replaced by the database described in
  The mtDNA Population Database: An Integrated Software and Database Resource for Forensic Comparison

All enquiries should be directed to the FBI or to Dr John Dawson,


The Concordance of Nucleotide Substitutions in the Human mtDNA Control Region is compiled from nucleotide sequence data available in the public domain or supplied by accredited forensic laboratories world-wide. Every attempt has been made by the editors to ensure the accuracy of the data provided herein.

However, many inaccuracies and inconsistencies exist in the literature reporting population-based variation in the human mtDNA control region. It is possible that errors still remain (see Errata and Changes).

The editors do not accept responsibility or legal liability for the accuracy of reported nucleotide sequences. If errors in the Concordance are observed, we would appreciate your bringing them to our attention for correction in a subsequent version.

We apologise for the size of some of the Concordance files; splitting them up still further would only have made them less useful. Because of the layout and colours needed to display the Concordance, these pages need to be viewed with up-to-date browsers such as Netscape Navigator™ or Internet Explorer™. Such browsers are readily available (often free of charge). For most efficient display, your browser window should be made as wide as possible. To save space, some information is abbreviated in the output. See abbreviations.


Storage space for these World Wide Web files is provided by the Department of Biological Anthropology of the University of Cambridge. Thanks are due to the Head of Department, Dr C.G.N. Mascie-Taylor, and to the Chief Technician, David Jordan, for their assistance.

The collection and preparation of the data owe much to the enthusiasm, dedication, and accuracy of Beatrix Bown. Rosemary Alliston-Greiner checked a lot of data and also provided technical comments about the layout of the Concordance. Thanks are due to them, and to Rosemary Rodd, Douglas de Lacey, and Andrew Cox for many helpful comments.

Database and Concordance
copyright © K. W. P. Miller & J. L. Dawson, 1997 & 1998

Permission to use the Database and Concordance for research, and to cite portions of the data in results, is freely given provided that suitable acknowledgement is made

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Hypervariable Region 1
    HVR 1 Concordance
Reference Sequence 16000--16110 16111--16136
16137--16182 16183--16189 16190--16222
Mitotype Index
16223--16223 16224--16261 16262--16287
16288--16297 16298--16311 16312--16324

16325--16360 16361--16611

Hypervariable Region 2
    HVR 2 Concordance
Reference Sequence 1---76 77--150
151--184 185--197 198--249
Mitotype Index
250--263 264--308 309--315
315.1--322 323--523.2

Hypervariable Regions 1 & 2
    HVR 1 & 2 Concordance
HVR 1 & 2
Reference Sequence 16000--16128 16129--16188
HVR 1 & 2
Mitotype Index
16189--16222 16223--16262 16263--16298
  16299--16324 16325--16661
  1---151 152--228 229--308
  309--314 315--523.2