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Dr. Frank Marlowe

University Lecturer
Tel: 1223764711


Dr. Marlowe’s research focuses on the behavioral ecology of foragers. He is interested in the sexual division of foraging labor, cooperation, parental investment, mating systems, and life history theory. Since 1995 he has conducted research with the Hadza, who are hunter-gatherers in Tanzania. His project collects longitudinal data on residence patterns, growth and health, foraging skills, food sharing, and reproduction. A cross-cultural and cross-species, comparative method is used to find ecological factors that predict behavior and reproductive outcomes in the absence of agriculture and gain insights into human evolution.

Complete Curriculum vitae [PDF]

Graduate Students

The Human Question (
Research interests include the evolution of religious behavior and the behavioral ecology of contemporary religious belief.

  • Duncan Stibbard Hawkes, PhD student
  • Katie Fitzpatrick, PhD student


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Marlowe, F.W., Berbesque, J.C., Barrett, H. C., Bolyanatz, A., Gurven M. and Tracer, D.
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