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William C. McGrew, F.R.S.E., F.A.A.A.S.

Emeritus Professor of Evolutionary Primatology
Tel: +44 (0)1223 764706


Primate socio-ecology, evolution of material culture, chimpanzee technology, laterality of function, ape rehabilitation


Percussive Technology in Human Evolution (Leverhulme Trust, 2011-13)
Primate Archaeology (European Research Council, 2012-16)
Chimpanzee Behaviour and Modelling Human Evolutionary Origins (Leverhulme Trust, 2011-13)
Comparative Chimpanzee Cultures Project (Phase 2)

Selected Publications

2014 McGrew WC. The ‘other faunivory’ revisited: insectivory in human and non-human primates and the evolution of human diet. Journal of Human Evolution, 71: 4-11.
2014 McGrew WC, Baldwin PJ, Marchant LF, Pruetz JD, Tutin CEG. Chimpanzees and their mammalian sympatriates: Mt. Assirik, Niokolo-Koba National Park, Senegal. Primates, 55: 525-532.
2014 McGrew WC, Matsumoto T, Nakamura M, Phillips CA, Stewart FA. Experimental primate archaeology: detecting stone handling by Japanese macaques. Lithic Technology, 39: 113-121.
2013 McGrew WC. Is primate tool use special? Chimpanzee and New Caledonian crow compared. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, 368: 20120422.
2013 Marchant LF, McGrew WC. Handedness is more than laterality: lessons from chimpanzees. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1288: 1-8.
2012. Carvalho S, Biro D, Cunha E, Hockings K, McGrew WC, Richmond BG, Matsuzawa T. Chimpanzee carrying behaviour and the origins of human bipedality. Current Biology, 22: R180-181.
2011 Wynn, T., Hernandez-Aguilar, A., Marchant, L.F. & McGrew, W.C. "An ape's view of the Oldowan" revisited. Evolutionary Anthropology, 20: 181-197.
2010 McGrew, W.C. Chimpanzee technology. Science, 328: 579-580.
2010 McGrew, W.C. In search of the last common ancestor: new findings on wild chimpanzees. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, 365: 3267-3276.
2010 Nishida, T., Zamma, K., Matsusaka, T., Inaba, A. & McGrew, W.C. Chimpanzee Behavior in the Wild: An Audio-Visual Encyclopedia. Springer, 247 pp.
2009 Nishida, T., Matsusaka, T. & McGrew, W.C. Emergence, propagation or disappearance of novel behavioral patterns in the habituated chimpanzees of Mahale: a review. Primates, 50: 223-36.
2007 Mc Grew, W. C. New wine in new Bottles: Prospects and pitfalls of cultural primatology. Journal of Anthropological Research, 63: 167-183.
2004 McGrew, W.C. The Cultured Chimpanzee: Reflections on Cultural Primatology. Cambridge University Press, 248 pp.

Complete Curriculum vitae [PDF]


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