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Frances St George-Hyslop

Frances St George-Hyslop

PhD student in Biological Anthropology

Henry Wellcome Building
Fitzwilliam Street

Cambridge CB2 1QH


In 2015 I received my Hons. BSc (High Distinction) at the University of Toronto, where I double majored in Evolutionary Biology and Cell & Molecular Biology. After this, I completed an MPhil in Clinical Science: Rare Diseases & Genetics at the University of Cambridge.


Research Interests

I am interested in understanding- at the genetic/molecular level- how the human brain evolved from our recent primate ancestors. Although humans share ~99% of their genome with other primates, our brains differ in the size of specific cortical regions and the development of dramatically enhanced higher cortical functions (e.g. logic and reasoning). My PhD project aims to 1) identify sites in the genome that contribute to such changes in the human brain, and 2) investigate these sites by undertaking functional studies at the University of Cambridge’s Gurdon Institute.


Research Supervision

Principle Supervisor: Dr Toomas Kivisild


Other Professional Activities

Member of St Catharine’s College