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Katrien Gwennola Janin

Katrien Gwennola Janin

PhD student in Biological Anthropology

Henry Wellcome Building
Fitzwilliam Street

Cambridge CB2 1QH


BA Hons in Archaeology, University of Leicester, U.K.

MA Bioarchaeology (research track), University of Leicester, U.K


Research Interests

I am a biological archaeologist with a particularly interested in the evolutionary changes in the morphological patterns of fossil hominins, extant humans and non-human primates.  My PhD project focuses on the pelvic region. Pelvic morphology is essential to our understanding of evolutionary processes, especially given that it is in this context that adaptations to bipedalism and human rotational childbirth mechanism emerged.  My research incorporates the application of geometric morphometrics to quantify macro scale evolutionary changes through the investigation of modularity, trait integration and evolvability of the pelvic girdle across primates, including humans.


Research Supervision

Principle Supervisor: Dr Marta Lahr


Other Professional Activities

Member of Wolfson College