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Biological Anthropology Part IIB for NST, Med and Vet Students

NST, Med and Vet Students are permitted to take a one-year Part II in Biological Anthropology or another subject within the Faculty of HSPS.

Students following this programme in Biological Anthropology enrol as Part IIB students and are offered a choice of core and options papers in Biological Anthropology. You may also choose to take a paper from another subject within HSPS or write a dissertation.

In 2017-18 students will take:

  • Paper BAN2 - Social Networks & Behavioural Ecology
  • Paper BAN3 - Human Evolution & Palaeolithic Archaeology
  • one BAN option paper
  • another BAN option paper, or one of a selection of HSPS options papers, or a dissertation

Options papers available in 2017-18 include

  • BAN5 - Major Topics in Human Evolutionary Studies
  • BAN6 - Evolution within our Species
  • BAN7 - Culture and Behaviour
  • BAN8 - Health and Disease
  • BAN9 - Special Topics in Palaeolithic Archaeology & Human Evolution


The options booklet for NST, Med and Vet Students will be available to download from here soon.

A list of past dissertation title by NST, Med and Vet Students can be found here.


If you have any questions please contact the Undergraduate Administrator.