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BioAnth Courses: B1 – Humans in Biological Perspective

b1B1 – Humans in Biological Perspective

This paper provides a broad introduction to Biological Anthropology and can be taken as an option by students in the Archaeology, HSPS (Human, Social and Political Sciences) and PBS (Psychological and Behavioural Sciences) Triposes.

The paper covers major topics in Biological Anthropology, including non-human Primate Biology, Evolution and Behaviour, Human Origins, Comparative Perspectives on Human Health, Growth and Nutrition, and Human Genetic Diversity. The paper introduces students to behavioural and gene-environment interactions, and the ecology and adaptations of modern populations in the context of their growth, health and cultural diversity. Specific topics covered include the diversity of primates, major patterns and processes in the evolution of humans, the burden of malnutrition and interrelationships with poverty, the role of nature and nurture in shaping the human mind, and insights into the genetic diversity within and between human groups. The paper concludes with a special set of practical sessions in Easter Term on how to reconstruct aspects of an individual and his/her life from the skeleton – an introduction to human osteobiographies.

Paper Coordinator: Dr. Emma Pomeroy
Michaelmas Term: 16 lectures
Lent Term: 16 Lectures
Easter Term: 4 2-hour practical sessions

Assessment: 3-hour exam