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BioAnth Courses: B5 – From Data to Interpretation

b5B5 – From Data to Interpretation

This paper introduces students to quantitative data analysis and scientific computing.

This paper provides foundational skills for critical thinking, data handling, and quantitative analysis for archaeological and anthropological research. It covers theoretical, methodological, and practical aspects of modern scientific research, enabling the identification of appropriate statistical analyses and relevant data required to address specific research questions. Lectures cover theoretical aspects pertaining the logic of scientific arguments and the core principles of statistical inference, as well as key concepts of data handling, visualisation, and analysis. Practical sessions and supervisions provide hands-on experience for carrying out many of the analysis presented in the lecture primarily through the use of R statistical computing language.


It is taken by :

  • students doing the Biological Anthropology Track in Part IIA of the Archaeology Tripos

It may be taken as an option by:

  • students who have completed Part IB MVST, NST, PBS or Part IIA HSPS and are doing a one-year Part II in Biological Anthropology as part of the Archaeology Tripos

Paper Coordinator: Dr Enrico Crema

Michaelmas Term: 9 lectures + 7 ‘hands-on’ sessions
Lent Term: 10 lectures & 6 ‘hands-on’ sessions